ero storage

In my last entry I wrote about my purchases in Akihabara, most of which consisted of ero titles.

Luckily Hitomi has no issue with me owning and reading ero manga. The difficulty is in managing storage. Hitomi is insistent that the books are hidden from her and public purview. I had to go buy a bookself with doors to satisfy her requirements. Even if the books were kept in our bedroom, I guess there's a problem with the spines being in spotted. Would one of our guests spot something and call the FBI on us?

Ero-manga is not fringe and it's not something to be embarassed about. Hitomi's own favorite manga-ka draws doujinshi of her own characters (girly men) having sex with each other. Pretty much every famous manga-ka used to draw plenty of ero-manga. It's a natural tendency cartoonists have, anyway, to dabble in perversity. (I suspect Walt Disney never thought to draw Mickey and Minnie having sex, but his employees doubtlessly did.)

And if you ever pick up a copy of Robot, which is a collection of works of contemporary manga artists, many of them work on (often very perverted) doujinshi, or have created some ero-manga I own. The content itself might be considered pornography by many, and lolicon by many, but put into an arty wrapper (with a $25 cover price) avoids attention. I imagine this doesn't need to get hidden away in a cabinet, but the comics from the same artists are tucked away.

Oddly, Hitomi's grown a bit more conservative since I met her. I guess that's what comes from being older?

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