kotoshi mo NO1BITCH de yoroshiku

I don't know if I need to post details about my love life, but Hitomi gave me a card for Valentine's Day with the above text (in Japanese/English) and I thought I would share it.

To translate: "kotoshi mo" means, "also this year" and "yoroshiku" means "my regards" or "nice to meet you". Feel free to construct a sentence out of it. And then she drew a picture of her holding up her hand (like when you'd say "hey" or "yo!"). So, Hitomi's my #1 bitch. Although it's done in a playful way, I never quite understood what "#1 bitch" actually implies.

I'm having a hard time getting into to Blogging spirit, hence little to no update since the start of the year.

One thing I'm finding, is that working at a place like Autodesk doesn't really suit me compared to someplace like m-Qube. Well, that's not to say m-Qube was rosey. The best times I had were the earlier years, the last years were like pain and suffering. Autodesk is just a bit too slow paced. So I've been finding ways to entertain myself.

One thing I did recently was purchase a projection screen and DLP projector. Yes, for about $1000 you can have a 300 inch TV that you can pack into a backpack. Well, 300 inches isn't quite possible in my house (maybe the garage?) but I did get a 70 inch HDTV screen for one room. (I do think it'd be cool to have some sort of anime film fest out in my driveway. Someday this summer, perhaps?) And I'm considering a HDTV tuner that will pull in both local broadcast stations in HDTV but also the Funimation channel. This may require hanging a UHF antenna (UHF!) on the side of my house facing Tiger Mountain.

I'm considering a break-apart bicycle from Ritchey. This would occupy myself when I'm lost in San Rafael with not much to do during the evenings. The only potential downside is that the box it comes in is 2" too large for airline standards. This usually poses no problem, but for $2500 (frame plus everything else) you want a solution that is not liable to get you dinged $50 each flight.

Like I almost did a few years back, I've also been thinking of building a kayak for Hitomi, but she doesn't want one. I (for some reason) don't feel strongly about needing one yet. Hitomi's into the bicycle to Portland ("STP") event this year and not particularly interested into kayaking. So I'm probably going to continue with flatwater kayaking and not go on too many regular kayaking trips this year.

Though, speaking of Hitomi: She's been not so subtly resenting that I'm "not into" recent anime. Yes, it is troubling that something that you both enjoyed together when building a relationship (mutual interest in cartoons) is dwindling and that perhaps our hobbies are going in different directions. I still love anime, it's just that I haven't had the time, with video games and the Internet. I got into some sort of weird argument with her on Sunday when coming back from a movie, that "you don't understand me" because I didn't grow up with the same cartoons as Momoi Halko.

I think I'll keep this story and analysis for the next post.

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