There are a lot of movie houses in the Seattle area. There are two non-profit movie theaters. One of them, the Grand Illusion, is in the U District and has about 5 or 6 rows of seating. The other, in Capitol Hill, is run by the Northwest Film Forum. Non-profit movie theaters show fairly obscure films, classic black and white features.

We are members of the Northwest Film Forum. From time to time, they seem to have foreign (Japanese) film series that we enjoy. Hitomi and I bought passes for the retrospective for Kenji Mizuoguchi. Tonight, she did not go to see the Street of Shame. Her excuse was "I don't feel like it." It is often hard to see a movie during the week, as she normally goes to bed early. However, I suspect her sole reason was having more interest in the latest "Fruits Basket" tankoban (book volume 22), but didn't have the courage to admit it.

The difficulty with Hitomi and books is this: If she is reading a book she likes, she refuses to do anything else, including sleep. On one hand, her enthusiasm is admirable: I rarely, if ever, feel this way about things. But mostly it seems like self-indulgence, gluttony. Somehow experiencing something I really like at the exclusion of anything else (including bodily function) diminishes the pleasure. But for her, it's entirely justified and appropriate. It also means she ignores me. I can somehow understand the frustation spouses of alcoholics might feel. (I often dread packages from Japan: Her behavior seems to emerge with the arrival of an eagerly awaited book.)

So, yes, I get a bit upset, especially when I ask for her to behave her age and sleep. She does not sleep enough ordinarily anyway. At half the movies I go to, she sleeps during the middle act. Mizuoguchi's movies especially have put her asleep. I try to help keep her awake. To me, it's pretty annoying to have somebody who's head is nodding next to you during the show. It's a sign she does not sleep enough, and cannot care for herself properly. It's also a waste of a good movie.

It's funny to think back to 1998 when I knew her. She would chide me for sleeping 8-10 hours a night and insisted that she only needed the 6 or less. Of course, with two jobs, sleeping 8 hours (and presumably cooking, eating, commuting) would leave almost no time for herself.

To me, not sleeping enough is like not eating properly, and when it comes to eating Hitomi does it right.

I was hoping to share thoughts on Mizuoguchi. Perhaps for another day?

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