First Day of Spring in the Snow

Oh, Canada!

I bagged and brought my bicycle to Calgary, optimistic that this week would be snow-free. The forecast was for sun and warm conditions.

Alas, I woke up this morning to snow flurries and slush accumulated on the streets on Wednesday.

Calgarians reassured me it would be gone later in the day.  It mostly was, so when I got back from dinner, I headed out. Here is where I went.

The path was mostly dry, wet and snowy in some shady spots. The speed limit was 20km/hr and I probably was over 30km/hr in the dark. I did have my headlight. Eventually the trail petered out in a park that was too snowy and icy for my skinny bike tires.

From north of downtown, from the banks of the Bow River, the skyline of Calgary is quite impressive. There's shards of ice and patches of snow which reflect the yellow and white lights from the buildings.

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