I left work early. I was not particularly engaged in the goings on this week because of the training. I skipped out on two meetings today.  I skipped a number of meetings this week. One was regarding engineering practices and responsibilities. There is this notion of solutions lead and product lead, where products are software packages, and solutions which are customer-specific bundles of individual products. The "lead" part doesn't actually mean I am building or specifying said product or solution, it's just that I am the technical expert. I suppose I also have responsibility in the implementation details, but this is not clear.

Management simply wants to assign responsibility but not necessarily give control. They don't say that, but they would have if that was the point of our new roles.

And not to dwell on my work too much more, I was asked to handle a bug today which was caused by a race condition. I asked the product lead what to do.  He cautiously suggests the simplest fix, with the promise that the underlying cause for the bug (carelessly passing around volatile structures) would be addressed cleanly in a following revision.

I am eager to get a fresh start with the codebase in the next revision.

I left work early to head to Banff.  Andrew K. — who I met from my Thailand trip — kindly took me. Banff is a resort town tucked on the east side of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, about an hour from Calgary.  The town and surroundings reminded me simultaneously of Whistler (yuppie ski resort), the North Cascades (dramatic pointy ridges of rock), the Colorado Rockies (dry vegetation, diminutive pine trees), Alaska (flat, marshy valleys), and parts of southeastern B.C (Canadians).

It was late and we were not intending to do much more than hike and eat.  I admit that despite being on a nearly three week trip I didn't really get to know him in Thailand. But we had a good dinner at "the bison" (Rocky Mountain Comfort Food). I had too much beer and rambled on about random topics in the car on the way back.

Andrew talked about possibly visiting the Pacific N.W. I sort of missed or forgot the selling points about coming to Seattle.  San Fransisco or Vancouver seems superior for tourists. Personally, I'd rather be bicycling north out of San Fransisco, or kayaking out around Vancouver than doing either in Seattle.

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