If you don’t love me, Please let me Go

The title of this blog is from the band called the Decemberists. It's lyrics for one of their songs, or maybe the title of a song. I heard this song on the radio back at the end of 2005, when I was driving home in the rain one day. It was the only time I heard this song, but someone the sentiment kept with me. Especially on rainy, sad days like today.

The interesting part of the song is how it takes very banal lyrics such as "Please love me, stay with me" and sort of turns them around. Singing, "If you don't love me, please let me go", sounds really fresh. It's selfless. If you don't want me, I should not have you.

But why would one say "if you don't love me, please let me go"? Of course, if your partner does not love you, they would leave. Actually, anybody over 12 knows that this is not often the case. People stay together or even married for many reasons, besides love. Why end the line with, "please let me go" rather than "please let me know" or "I'm leaving"? It's because the person is still in love and still attached. But this person feels doubtful his lover feels the same way as he does. And if his lover did not, the only way he can free himself from misery is if his lover leaves him.

Though, if you want somebody to leave you if they don't love you, isn't that selfish? I suppose not if it's for their own sake.

The saddest situation is when a man feels highly of a women, but she not of him. Which happens fairly often in anime and manga. Well, practically any love story, but the kinds of stories I follow come from the Japanese. Hopefully, it never appears in my life, though to be in love is to have doubts.

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