Tour around Seattle with the CBC

Yesterday, I participated in a Cascade Bicycle Club (CBC) ride called "Tuesday Night Surprise." The plan was for a 20-25 mile ride through various parts of Seattle, and the leader would take us wherever he felt like.

Meeting at Gasworks Park, there were about 6 of us. The ride called for "steady pace" (12-14 miles per hour) and "some hills." It sounded relaxing and perfect for a nice, sunny and cool spring evening.

Although it did start out relaxing, since there wasn't anybody slow in the veteran group — me excluded — they turned up the pace a bit. It turned into a hilly, and at times, a "brisk" ride (16-18 mph). We climbed up around Beacon Hill and Magnolia Hill. And the ride went on for over two hours, with about only one break over a minute, so I'm guessing we went about 25-30 miles.

From Lake Washington Boulevard, we crossed Martian Luther King Jr. Way, and went up a long, steady hill to the top of Beacon Hill. I've actually never explored the hill on bicycle, but there's plenty of interesting and potentially good ethnic restaurants. Then, we coasted down past's main office and across the bridge over I-90 to the International District. I was getting hungry and was smelling plenty of Chinese food — but we did not stop. Then, riding along Alaskan Way north, through the new Sculpture Garden, into Magnolia, around Magnolia's bluffs, through the Ballard Locks, and back.

My fellow riders were good natured and seasoned, that is to say older. Though, I probably should ride with people my own age, assuming I can keep up with them. It was getting dark, and with no lights, I had to race back home (another hill climb up Stone Way Avenue to Greenlake) to change and go eat. Otherwise, I would have stuck around for hamburgers and beers.

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