Moab, Utah and Westwater Canyon

The next phase of the trip was a two day river-rafting trip on the Colorado. We weren't really eager to fork over the thousands it takes to raft through the Grand Canyon — and besides typically you're on an enormous, motorized beast, in very hot conditions. Rather, we found ourselves an outfitter in Moab (Tag-a-long) which offered a more economical choice.

The river was running at some impressive cubic feet of water per second determines the type of whitewater experience (rapids) you end up experiencing. Recently — due to low seasonal snowpack, due to global warming perhaps, or just yearly variation — the rivers have been running a little drier. Luckily, we hit appreciable rapids and got to experience a much longer trip (more current means more distance) than most customers.

The guide (Russ) was quite interesting, and really was quite knowledgeable regarding the geological, ecological, and human history of the place. As we floated down, he rowed our "J rig", and I helped at times. In addition, he was a decent chef.

The group was small, four: Russ, Hitomi, Kerry, and myself. Kerry was a dentist from Chicago who has his own practice, yet vacations 9 weeks a year. Russ travels a lot, in the winters he works on avalanche control around ski areas, but during off times travels even more. We were the "young couple" but had our various trip stories as well to share. It was fun to sit and listen, and not much more was expected of us on the raft, but to hold on through the rapids and wear our life vests.

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