The Funny Company – 1963 Cartoon

I bought an HDTV tuner box (ATSC tuner to be precise) to go with my digital projector.

In addition to being able to see local television broadcast in high definition, there are a couple of UHF-like stations available. It seems about half of them are religious in nature. And initially, we got it to tune into the Funimation Channel, for "free" over-the-air anime. (Unfortunately, the Funimation Channel is no longer broadcast; it lasted only about 3-4 months on air and was replaced by Aztec Television with an "extreme sports" and music video station.)

One of the ATSC stations carries commercial-free sanitized kids television from the fairly squeaky-clean 1960s and 70s. I'm guessing the station is affiliated with the religious broadcast station on the same block. Anyway, being a fan of animation, I'm always curious to see what shows they bring out of the vault. Sometimes they are claymation works, animated figures, sometimes cell-based cartoons.

One that caught my eye was "The Funny Company", a show which talks about educational topics such as Judo:

There were about 260 of these clips made.

The one I saw was on digital computers: It was explained how the phone company's mainframe computer could do "4,000 additions per second." (Computers can now do around a billion additions per second.) They also attempted to explained the binary search algorithm, in the context of how it is used by the Bell South company to lookup a phone number and route a call, using an example of finding a word in a dictionary by dividing the dictionary in half each time. Anyway, they said that the average entry could be found in about 20 "guesses" by the computer. (log2(9000000) is about 23.)

The Funny Company appears mildly racist, for the politically correct era of today. For example, there are two stereotypical "Indian" chief characters in the show, and no minorities appearing at all. (Incidentally, the Judo episode doesn't seem to have any Japanese in it.)

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