Wild Turkey and Fire

I finished work around 7PM and headed out for a quick ride around San Pedro Mountain. (I took pretty much the same route as described in an earlier journal, but without the confusion at the end.)

It was very windy, I would say about 20 or 25 knots at times. The following wind greatly increased my speed, exceeding 30mph on the flats with some effort. And with about the same amount, reduced it to under 15.

There were two significant sightings made this trip. One was seeing a wild turkey cross my path. Unlike the turkey rafters I saw in Eastern Washington visiting my uncle several years back, it was a solitary turkey. Well, I didn't stop to look for any friends, and he seemed fat enough to not need any friends.

The second sighting was of a wild fire occurring to the west. Near the marinas to the south, I saw a large plume of smoke rising and illuminated from the evening sun. With the incredible wind, it spread and blanketed the area. I got smoky. The source of the smoke, as I got close to downtown, was from the top of a hill, and there I could see a red glow of the fire. Several minutes after, I heard the sirens of firetrucks and could see helicopters and planes in the air around the blaze. I met some locals who were out in the street watching the events unfold. They had lawn chairs out in their driveway and were chatting. They said that this sort of thing happens every few years.

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2 Responses to Wild Turkey and Fire

  1. genman says:

    From the "Rafter" link.Somehow I don't think many people use these…
    "deceit lapwings""murmuration starlings""exaltation larks""ostentation peacocks""siege bitterns""unkindness ravens" "Hey, Bob, did you get a look at that Murmuration of Starlings?"

  2. genman says:

    Here is the report on the fire.

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