Cycling on the Fourth of July

Just back from Anime Expo, I had soon another day of vacation. Though I spent the Fourth not resting but peddling around Lake Washington.

I actually wanted to do this loop for some time, and gave the half-loop an attempt back in high school. The half-loop  we had in mind would take us around the lake north out of Seattle, and come back via I-90. With my friend Jeremy, we biked to Marymore Park in Redmond, which was really too far, and from there were confused about how to get to I-90. Unfortunately, at that time (and probably still now) the only way to I-90 from there consists of a busy road (Lake Sammamish Parkway) and a pretty tough hill climb back into Bellevue, where there's a trail you can get onto. And I had the dumb idea to follow the park south on trail, which put us in some swampy trail in the Lake Sammamish marsh. Finally leaving Marymore, and making the climb through Microsoft-land, and after getting confused and tired, I'm guessing somewhere in Kirkland, we gave up. Jeremy called his mom and we got a ride back home.

I think what really spoiled the adventure were the enormous hills of Kirkland, but had we gone on long enough, we would have been faced with some serious hills in Bellevue as well.

This ride on the Fourth was with the Cascade Bicycle Club. Due to the large group size, it went fairly slowly with quite a few stops. The theme was to follow the shore, so in places to get down, there were some extra hills to descend and ascend . The loop was 55 miles.

The remainder of the day was celebrating the Fourth at Kevin's house, minus Kevin (who was in Boston), with Stacy, Sean, Ian, Hitomi, and myself. And a friend of Stacy's. I brought beer, Stacy had Texas BBQ, and with a few sides we made a dinner of it. Afterwards, we drove around looking for a perch to watch fireworks set off from Lake Union. It was hopeless finding a parking spot close-by and we were too late to walk anywhere. But the bridge over 15th Avenue NE from the University of Washington, had a pretty clear view of the action. Next year I plan to launch a boat, like I did in 2006t.

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