Yet more weekend activity

I finally got out my muddy double kayak and drove up with Tim and Mom to our usual (or once was usual) San Juan launch spot, Washington Park in Anacortes. I had them use the boat while I climbed in Tim's old blue plastic boat. After all the flatwater kayaking I've done, anything over 20 inches beam feels like a barge. This time, though, I came more for the scenery than the fitness. And the socializing, though I ended up paddling ahead more than I should have.

It was a short paddle, relatively. Tim got cramps sitting in the stern cockpit without any knee braces, and so we went back without venturing much further than Alan Island. I got in a sprint around the south, into the fog, and back out again. We were probably out for only 2-3 hours. Still, heading into Mount Vernon before 7PM for once, rather than after dark like times past was probably for the best. I had along my Hale's growler bottle and got a fill-up of Yellow Jacket to go.

On Sunday, I wanted to go on one more ride with Hitomi, STP being a week away. I suggested the around-the-lake ride. Hitomi, though, wasn't up for much, so any other suggestions were for naught. I was coerced to go to the Sunlight Cafe, and got a nice sesame waffle, which was a pretty good choice for the ride I had planned.

Skipping the not-so-fun south part of Lake Washington, I went across I-90 to Mercer Island and blew around Mercer Island at 20+ miles per hour. There's something about curvy, hilly roads that makes me want to go faster. I did 50 miles and change, and made it back in time for Sunday errands, like picking up a new Microwave oven.

One interesting feature of the ride was the incorporated soundtrack. I borrowed Hitomi's iPod plus speaker, and played weird Japanese music. I'm not sure what the other bicyclists thought of a sweaty guy blazing past them listening to a cute-sounding girl singing along to 8-bit anime music tracks. Moe' plus video games plus bicycling is a triple score for sure. And anything that confuses other riders (rather than, I suppose annoying them) is a bonus as well.

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