Don’t I still look like a nerd?

I came back from a bicycle ride last night, I rode about 40 miles yesterday with a coworker through the rural west side of Marin County. Curt, my coworker, invited me to stay for dinner, but I decided to head back and wash off all the sweat, and get out of my swampy bike shorts.

After my shower, and changing into fairly normal-looking clothing, I headed out of my room and was approached into a middle-aged couple in the hall, who asked what was going on here. Apparently, I "looked like an athletic person" and they were wondering why there were all these athletic-looking people staying at the hotel. I had on slacks, a Gama-go t-shirt, and sandals. So, surprised, I replied "No, I'm actually here for work. I work for Autodesk." They were there actually for some sort of Autodesk "survivor" meeting, people who once worked for the company together and I suppose were there to hang out.

It was probably the first time in my life somebody mistook me for an athletic person. These were fellow nerds, so I'm surprised they were deceived so easily.

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