Cycling: How much to improve?

Recently, I find myself on more difficult rides, traveling faster, and getting stronger. Certainly, the sky's the limit, though perhaps I will never find myself becoming a serious road racer. But really the purpose of all of the riding I got into at the start of the year was to find some sort of shared activity between myself and Hitomi. Something we could enjoy equally. But instead I ride about twice as far and twice as hard as she does and the gap is getting wider.

Last weekend, we rode around the Skagit Flats, to La Conner, Conway, Mount Vernon, etc. It was a very flat ride, though with a bit of headwind to deal with, and fairly short. So be it. I tried keeping it around 15 miles per hour, plus or minus 2 or so, given our direction relative to the wind. A weekend prior I was at 18-20 on the flats, often more. I stayed slower and enjoyed the scenery more. I still burned those calories and got a workout, but I was holding back. I likely pushed Hitomi a little more than she wanted a few times. The planned 33 miler became 45 after I missed a turn. (Stopping for ice cream I think made up for my mistake.)

I'm already a victim of my own success. I certainly don't need to train harder if all the rides I'm suited for Hitomi wouldn't do. Perhaps I need to get back into flatwater kayaking and build my upper body instead? (The original plan was to hopefully impress Hitomi with a little muscle development, but she still sees me as a bony, skinny guy. I just gain tone and don't bulk up.)

So I'm debating whether or not to do the Rapsody Ride. I does sound like a lot of fun: Live music, good food, beautiful scenery and maybe the best quality ride of the year. Hitomi doesn't want to go, though it is within her ability, it intimidates her: more work than fun, as she sees it. So if I went, I'd have to go without her. And the same weekend, I'd be missing Penny Arcade Expo which I'd love to do as well. Hanging out indoors does seem a rather poor choice for a weekend in August, but a weekend gaming and a little evening nerdcore sounds like a good way to relax.

And then again: Since we're off to Kumoricon labor day weekend, maybe I should get out and enjoy the last warm days of August riding? Choices, choices.

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