Protesting Paint Wrongly Placed On Road

Today, I participated in a protest about the paint on Stone Way.

Bicyclists expected the city to paint bicycle lanes from 45th down to the Burke Gilman Trail as part of the "Complete Streets" initiative and instead, only painted these lanes down to about 38th street. The remaining 4 blocks down to the Burke Gilman trail has no bike lane. The city made this stretch (inexplicably) four lanes all for car traffic. (There's more information online on what was done.)

Me and about 50 others (two weeks ago there were 300) felt a bit cheated by this. As part of the grand Bicycle Master Plan riders wanted to see a complete trail, not one which ends up putting people into traffic downhill. And climbing uphill, essentially blocks a lane of car traffic. People who ride a bike to work help reduce pollution, reduce traffic, improve their own health, and make Seattle a better place to live. So, why can't the city reciprocate? How will the city create more riders out if riding a bicycle is perceived as dangerous?

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