What am I doing in Waikiki?

"Bro, you need to get out of Waikiki."

I took a trip out to Hanauma Bay and explained that I was staying in Honolulu and looking for nice places to paddle out of town. And this was the response from the park ranger working the info booth.

After staying on my work's conference call for about 4-5 hours, I eventually got dropped by the conference service and decided to make my break. Looking to Google Earth, I found a nice spot — or so I thought — to paddle my kayak. I climbed on the aptly named "Beach Bus" (#22) and rode for 40 minutes leaning against my boat. I knew I was getting into trouble when I realized this was a highly regulated spot — you're forced to watch a video explaining "leave no trace" and don't snorkel alone — but I had no idea there was a "no boats rule." Only after getting my boat set up 90% did a lifeguard radio in a ranger who came by and explained this rule. I think the main reason was a concern that paddles might damage the coral.

And so I left my boat on the beach and snorkeled for probably close to an hour. I saw a few sea turtles, as well as enormous parrot fish and a school of angel fish gorging on algae growths or something. Though there were definitely coral, mostly it was dead coral, and though there were quite a lot of fish, I wondered how they subsisted in such a desolate looking water. I had an easier time staying in than I remember from back in February, either due to the slightly warmer water or maybe more body fat.

Returning to the ranger: He explained that "nature lovers" like me should go up to Waimea and explore the north shore. If I had the time and weren't obligated to be in town on Sunday. And work on Monday and return home Tuesday, I suppose I would.

Nature aside, one problem I have with this place is: No Hitomi. To guess, I'd say that 30-50% of the tourists were Japanese and of that 70% of the Japanese tourists are female. And all of them, in some way, remind me of Hitomi and that she's on the other side of the planet. Though I have yet to confirm this, since she has not contacted me yet. Solo travel tends to depress me.

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2 Responses to What am I doing in Waikiki?

  1. Lillian says:

    Aww. You can take the Circle Island bus 55, a great place to kayak I hear is in Kaneohe Bay – there's a reef/sunken island you can get to from He'eia Beach Park by paddling out to the bit that's out of the water. Then if you keep going on the bus, you can kayak down the coast from Waimea Bay to Haleiwa. A friend and I once kayaked in Kailua Bay around Lanikai Beach (there are some islands you can get to) but being inexperienced girls with no arm muscles, we needed to be towed by the guide.

  2. genman says:

    I actually got out to Kailua Bay and paddled to the islands and around them both. Pretty exciting, especially in the shallow parts where the waves steepen. I'll talk about it in my next blog entry.

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