Update: Was Missing Wife (妻は行方不明者だった)

I was initially going to write about Kailua Bay, and the wedding today, but it's been about four days since I heard from Hitomi I've gotten worried. I have tried to my concerns aside and enjoy my trip, but it's gotten increasingly stressful.

Thinking back to the trip she planned so far, Hitomi was on a direct flight to Copenhagen from Seattle, and from there to Germany and later by train to Kassel, Germany for Connichi 2007. There, she planned to join several people who came from Japan in support of the voice actress/singer Momoi Halko. She bought about 100 glow sticks, which she packed up in her luggage for the concert. I think she also brought her laptop, though I cannot recall.

With all the usual activities I get myself into, I neglected to ask, and she neglected to provide information on her flight, where she planned to stay. I assume of course, the internet is ubiquitous, and with its countless channels, we would manage to communicate these details during the weekend. She'd at least go through internet withdraw enough to stumble into an internet cafe and check her e-mail. And I'd like to hope she's having a good time and happened to tune out the rest of the world. That would be fine, except I suspect she forgot about me who's needlessly worrying.

So, I went out and started e-mailing people on the Momoi support team on Mixi in Japanese asking if she'd been around, and for that I installed Japanese IME. I should have installed it ages ago. Hopefully, they don't think my Japanese is too weird. It's been rough.


I got a call at around 4:30AM this morning from Hitomi over a crappy phone — pay phone? Apparently, she was unable  to contact me with her phone or use the Internet. So, she's safe.

In other news, my sister (Alsia) called me this morning and was wondering where my father was. I had to explain I was in Hawaii and had no idea.

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