Not What I Wanted

Here's the problem I've been having at work: A fellow developer has been working on a library, designed for my use, to do things for various components. Unfortunately, he got a bit ambitious and decided to start developing a fairly complicated framework which is Not What I Wanted.

A deadline is looming and I have to build two components needed by our handset tester. I've already explained a few times to this developer he produced Not What I Wanted, and so I have to take Not What I Wanted and make some additions and get it to function.

After having a discussion on the remaining functionality and checking in additions I had asked for, this developer went ahead and removed all my additions. The code was reverted back to Not What I Wanted. He helpfully explains to me I can make it work. He also explains he had a right to revert all my changes since he is Component Owner. I go to my boss and say, I have a problem with this code, it's Not What I Wanted. I tell Component Owner again, it's Not What I Wanted, and he's now upset and says, fine, you can own it.

I don't mind taking over the library, but I know Component Owner's ego is no doubt bruised.

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