Oktober Fest

Oktober Fest in Fremont: I had wanted to attend this event for many years. I remember seeing the banners many times on our way to our old home in Ballard. Hitomi bought tickets for Sunday, and we planned to met Emi and Ryan in the been garden.

Upon arrival, we found a spot, which seemed fairly isolated from the Fremont Sunday Market buzz. The place sure seemed desolate: Something about having a beer in an area surrounded by chain link fence, with dirty tables, plastic folding chairs, and lack of good eats sort of cut into the celebratory mood. Luckily, there was an area set aside, selling full sized glasses, that had better tables, though the place was still dirty. I don't think anybody was in charge of cleaning up. And where was the food? Gourmet beer plus fast food?

The fence was obviously designed to keep underage drinkers from crashing the party. Once in the perimeter, a teenager might imbibe a 5 ounce micro brew.

After a beer or two, we headed out for some food at the Sunday Market. A few vendors were familiar; one Hitomi knew from shows she's done during Christmastime, who was selling leather belts and hair bands. I bought wood fired pizza, but by the time we got the pizza back to the beer garden it was sadly cold.

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