Ten Years Since Sendai

It's been ten years since living in Japan. My diary, written before the days before "blogging", contains a day-by-day account of that trip. Thinking back to then, I still feel a lot of that giddy excitement, that wonder of landing on some uncharted island that felt like your own. I felt like fate sent me there to start an entirely new existence. Still, I wanted to connect to people back home. And exciting or not, I still had not so happy, and actually quite lonely moments as well.

I don't know if I would go back and read my diary ever: Was I as negative as Hitomi says about the time?

Wrapped up in that year are some of my life's happiest moments. What were they? Thinking back ten years, it's like remembering a warm dream after waking up.

I'd certainly live in Japan again, perhaps for my retirement, or maybe for a few years if I could find a decent job. Or maybe I could anchor in some man-made harbor on a catamaran, surrounded by tetrapod breakwaters. I'd do programming over satellite or Wi-Fi Internet feed, while Hitomi works on shore.

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