Since Saturday Night

  1. Sunday, after my ride, Hitomi and I go over to see Mom and Tim and Tim had a hole in his colon, leaking colon juice into his bladder. But, we still had a good dinner anyway.
  2. Monday, Tim's in the hospital with a painful, major infection.
  3. Tuesday, I wanted to go on a bike ride, but instead Tim's in worse condition and Mom's upset. I head off to Everett and sit in traffic. Eventually, I manage to find Mom in a room. Tim's in an intensive care ward and we can't go in. We get a visit with a doctor who explains in detail the process they're working through. Tim's getting tubes and probes and what-not connected up, and it's a bit disturbing, but fascinating at the same time. We head off to a nice dinner and come back after the night-shift nurses come in. Tim's half awake and leaking fluids out of one of is many input tubes. It's 9PM and I'm tired and go home.
  4. Wednesday, I have a phone meeting with Verizon about billing, and lunchtime discussion about Maven. My presentation is over the phone, so I have no idea how it's going. Still, it works out okay. Tim's in better shape. I have a series of changes to implement based on the morning calls. I carry and lay down 5 cubic yards of bark in the yard, with Kamran. I paid him for earlier work, but for all this bark, wanted to get paid additional in beer, in fact 24 bottles of them for him and a friend for tonight. Kamran explained though he was an alcoholic, it was not like he drank like before. I watch Puss in Boots, which was surprisingly exciting. One trick-or-treater comes by and I have no candy to offer, though I set aside some energy gels and old Japanese candy in case one does come by. Hitomi comes home with prepared food from Whole Foods and we eat chicken wings (drummettes?), raw tomatoes, and cooked sweet potatoes. I head to the airport. Plane leaves on time, but is waiting 45 minutes on the runway for something. In San Jose, a taxi driver is rude to me.
  5. Thursday, I catch up on e-mail. I'm off to lunch, then Playphone.

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