Not So Productive Week

Tim's back from the hospital, which is good news. Unfortunately, he has bags (temporarily) attached to his body for collecting excrement, which is unfortunate. I wish him the best in the coming months. Those of us still able to pee and poop the way God intended should count our blessings.

The guy who was driving me crazy two or three months ago continues to do so. I was working on a development project for the past 8-10 months and I had some code laid down, intended to be part of the release. Said annoying person was reassigned to a component I had worked on, and he tossed my code out and started over, for whatever reason. In addition, he was supposed to come up with a better build release process, though he gave up and came up with some sub-standard solution that was already existing. Then when I complain (and later come up with a better way), I get ignored. He also decided to copy and rename my project file, though it was following standard naming convention, he comes up with a "less confusing" way without consulting me.

Oddly enough, he does ask me questions about things like I was some sort of hot-line service but doesn't have the decency to communicate what's going on coding-wise.

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