Visiting Spokane

Mike Bloch, a long time friend of mine, has been living in Spokane for the past 4 or so years. We used to hang out a lot during high school (though he went to a different high school) and college. His family (mother, father) still are in Seattle so he does come by occasionally, though most often during the holidays when I'm often away as well.

Last weekend, I went with my friends, Kevin, Stacy, Ian, on a road trip to Spokane. We did the following: Eat lunch at the riverside mall, look at Spokane Falls, walk the park, decide not to ice skate, drive over to the Palouse and watch the sunset from the top of a hill, a freshly plowed wheat field. From there, we drove around a bit, it got dark and we got hungry. We ended up eating dinner in a small town restaurant — we looked a bit out of place, but the food was decent. Then, there was a Spokane Chiefs hockey game at 7PM, my first hockey game. The Chiefs won over the Everett Silvertips, there was one fist-fight, a lot of body slamming, but aside from the start of the first quarter and end of the last, the game seemed a little slow. Post-game, we walked through the historic Davenport Hotel. Ian was sick or something so we returned for our night of Battlelords.

Battlelords is a board game I created with Ian and others. The characters (mostly) are represented as M.U.S.C.L.E. figures on a fairly large checkerboard. You have a team of fighters which fight other fighters and the one with the most kills ("bloodpoints") wins. We have been working on this game off and on for the past 10+ years. Mike also played with us, so we had a reunion battle with other people rooming with him. The game lasted for 2 hours. Ian won, I came close to last place, if not last place, out of the six playing.

We ended up in bed around 2:00AM, and so breakfast was more like brunch. I did the food shopping, came back and I cooked for the group with Stacy. We also had bagels and donuts from the road trip. Then we had a Battlelords rematch before leaving.

Weather-wise, it was a beautiful weekend, despite the forecast for rain and snow, perfect for bicycling. Cycling in Spokane probably is nicer than in Seattle. There's a lot more rural roads, scenic vistas, and less rain. It's a bit colder than Northern California this time of year, but in other ways quite similar. I'll have to come back sometime with Hitomi.

For our return, we were to pass through some scenic spots along the Columbia River on the way back to Seattle, but with the stops along the way, it was pretty much dark before then.

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