You Frame It

Today, I walked into a frame shop called U-Frame It and forked over $400 for some custom framing for four pieces. Ranging from matted with anti-glare, anti-UV glass down to some less expensive choices I really got a variety of work done.

Well not done, but at least paid for. I'll be going back to the store in a few weeks to assemble the art with the frames, glass, backing, etc.

One piece I got for my birthday (five months ago) and will have finally above my work desk. The print was by James Hardman. I visited his gallery on Orcas Island, in the tiny hamlet of Olga, with my family back in springtime. As a Mother's Day gift, we traveled together to Orcas Island and stayed in Eastsound, and when we weren't bicycling, ate meals together. The gallery there has a restaurant where we had brunch. So, since Hitomi and I seemed found of this artist, for my birthday Tim and Mom bought me a print of his.

The frames James Hardman had for his work were a little too decorative and distracting. Tim and Mom bought the print unframed, thinking that I could find a more suitable frame. What I picked out was a fairly plain black frame with a warm gray mat.

The second piece of art was a sumi-e work by some Japanese artist and purchased a few years back when Hitomi traveled to Japan on her own. It's original art done in color inks with a brush, not a print, but essentially mass-produced by, I guess, working fast, so that the product cost is low. I picked out a gold frame, with no mat, with kind of a rustic speckled texture.

The third piece Hitomi and I picked up from an artist at Anime Expo, basically from some artist in an artist group that does hip, pop-culture work. Think cute and violent. The art, a print, was printed on an adhesive sticker (plastic) and so the thought was to hang it possible the bathroom. As plastic, it probably is impervious to moisture. The manager and I had a difficult time finding an appropriate mounting technique. Eventually, we settled on sticking it on a foam board, cutting it, then framing the foam board. But the artist at Anime Expo had it applied to a canvas board directly as a sticker, but then the shop manager didn't think that would be very clean.

The last work I waited before the kids left the store to whip out. I got a number of comics in Japan, one ero comic was sold at Tachibana Shoten with a poster. Essentially, the themes of the comic are: moe', girls with glasses, and girls with short hair. Plus, the usual copious amounts of body fluids. The poster is essentially of the manga cover done in a tall, narrow format.

The manager was an old guy who acted very serious and detached, so I wasn't sure how he'd react to it. He helpfully explained how he was accustomed to seeing X-rated Japanese posters. I'm not sure what realm those posters fell into. But in any case, he helped me pick out a suitable frame and glass. I picked a whitish, wood frame. Hitomi told me not to hang this sort of "disgusting" art outside of the bedroom, so that's where it will go.

In a few weeks whenever the backlog is cleared, I'll drive over to the store, assemble the art and glass in frame, put on backing paper, screws for wire hangers, etc.

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