Pelago Sucks

There's this "well funded" company that's been recruiting for the past year and I keep getting recruiters asking me about it. It's called Pelago. Their first product is basically a mash-up of Google Maps and Yelp. Apparently, there's some mobile application you can download. Not location-services enabled, from the looks of it.

I talked to some people there about the company. The key to their success would be to get carrier deals so their application will ship with devices. Unless I'm mistaken, they have no such agreements. Carriers don't like dealing with pip-squeak companies, and unless they become the MySpace of the Internet, there's no chance of them on the mobile internet.

I explained this to one of the developers from the company. They asked me to write a sample application. I worked on it for a bit. Tim and Hitomi noted this was basically exploitation. I realized that it was just stupid: I would not ask a candidate to work on a weekend project. Admittedly, I have come up with some basic programming problem, that would take about an hour (for me at least) and probably took more time for other people.

I spoke with Blake Scholl, who turns out to be a Randian, also know as somebody who's in love with Objectivism. From what I know of Objectivism, it's cool, nay preferable, to screw over other people to advance your cause. From his blog:

I searched for Atlas Shrugged on Yahoo this morning, and got
this helpful sponsored link from
Oh yeah, 0451191145. That's the one I was looking for!

His blog is blocked from outside reading, but shows up on Google Cache for some reason. From the cached blog he talks about how long it takes the FDA to approve drugs. See: Vioxx.

Just for all the e-mails and recruiters leaving me messages about this company makes me hate them more. If they can't find suitable staff for Pelago for a year, then fuck Pelago. They can exploit somebody else.

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