Rained on Again

I left the house again precisely the same moment the rain began to fall.

Then hail began to fall. Ouch.

I took the Burke-Gilman trail to Kenmore and back. The trail is a mess of leaves and puddles. It's also incredibly lumpy.

When you reach Lake Forest Park on the Burke-Gilman, you won't see an official "Entering Lake Forest Park" sign, but you'll know when, when the posted speed limit becomes 10 miles per hour. Note: Your average adult bicycle cruising speed is about 14-16. I go 16-18 on my single speed. In addition to a ridiculously low speed limit, there are stop signs every hundred feet for many stretches, so be prepared to break the law at least five times each way as you roll through all of these.

As a member of Cascade Bicycle Club, you constantly receive newsletters talking about how the government of Lake Forest Park is constantly creating trouble for bicycle trail users. It seems the smaller the government or organization, the more petty they get. And apparently, they more than make rules, they send the police out as well.

I rode back in the dark. I have a permanently attached generator-powered light, so no problem. Except I got blinded by riders who point their lights directly ahead, and then there are walkers or bicyclists who walk or ride around at night without any lights, so my vision is constantly confused. One moment, it's fairly dark, then somebody's LED burns a hole in my retina, then I'm coming up to a pair of joggers looming in the shadows.

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