Turkey Day sans Turkey

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, I did a ride with the Cascade Bicycle Club, intended especially for increasing our appetite for the big meal. Hitomi and I packed up and drove to my mom's place.

The last few Thanksgivings my mom has not made the usual Thanksgiving Turkey. This is because our last few gatherings have consisted of Mom, Tim, Hitomi and myself. Ducks and game hens have a lot more flavor and we have had these instead. Turkey is good if you put enough gravy on it. But it's pretty bland, mostly.

Instead of the usual pumpkin pie, Mom made a tiramisu – from scratch! – which to me is fairly incredible, considering the level of effort required. Perhaps this is proof that Mom really loves us? The rest of the dishes required a fair level of work: Poached pears with pomegranate, stuffed duck, mushroom gravy, etc. I just had to bring the wine and movies, I didn't even have to wash dishes afterwards.

We got through a number of episodes of Mushishi, Afro Samurai (stupid), and the movie Porco Rosso. I usually bring over anime to my parent's place but it's hard to tell how well it all goes over. Mushishi's one of my favorite shows.

It's a little sad that my sister and brother-in-law and associated family are off having their own separate meal simultaneously. It wasn't as sad when they were down in L.A.

The next day, I had Thanksgiving Dinner redux for breakfast and almost sent myself into another food coma. Mom later had me tossing wood into a burn pile and moving a forklift around. Tim looked up information on cars, but I still have my old Rivera still in service. It was eventually time to go and so, farewell to the parents.

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