Dining Table Chairs fixed with Marine Epoxy

I'm hoping Hitomi takes some pictures of our new dining room table. I bought it cash from a company called Homefront which is going out of business. It was $1,300 on sale and came with six chairs. My old table is about half the size, so the new one should better fit my expansive dining area.

I hosted "boys night", a weekly gaming event with myself and friends. Ian managed to damage the seat area of one chair. Looking closely at it revealed that one of the boards installed was not well installed. The seat area consists of boards inserted and glued into the frame using tuck and groove carpentry. Well, the board in question had very little of the "tuck" portion and was not well supported originally.

I thought about how to repair the chair. I could always approach the furniture company and ask for another chair, but it seemed easily repairable and it was unlikely they could find me a replacement anyway. The chair was not really damaged, the board just needed to be attached to the frame. I thought just cutting a small piece of plywood out and nailing or screwing it would work. But I thought of another way: I had supplies left over from building my kayak and could simply epoxy on the wood instead. Marine-grade epoxy is really strong. Using a scale to measure the clear epoxy and mixing in hardener by weight, I created a very good furniture repair glue. With some sawdust, the epoxy is like toothpaste and works well for filleting and sandwiching on structural pieces.

With no-name furniture from Indonesia, sold through a company on its way out, I should have anticipated there might be flaws. In hindsight, I probably should have went for a more reputable brand or went through an established furniture store. I do recall buying some chairs through Don Willis, who I thought were reputable, and later discovering they were not glued or assembled correctly. The chairs do work, and I did manage to re-glue some of them, assuming I could take them apart to be glued. The ones halfway put together seem a bit wobbly.

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