Weblogic-Spring Integration Sucks

My heroes Redhat (owner of JBoss) have a market cap of $4B, which is under Bea's (owner of Weblogic) $6.5B.

I'm a little confused by this, since Weblogic is really hard to write good JEE applications for. Again, it excels in textbook-based web development but not at all friendly from a management, component integration, configuration, or extension point of view.

Bea/Weblogic has eventually woken up, and now provides integration for the Spring Framework. Spring is this (messy) component integration framework which provides about 10 ways to do one thing. From a management standpoint, what's provided?

Well, there's this hard-to-integrate MBean you have to create which tells Weblogic that these other MBeans you created belong to the application. The development kit has the .jar file you need to use, but it's not really documented and you have to obtain it from their sample applications. No source code either.

Then as for the console itself: Clicking on an MBean takes you to the attributes panel which has multiple links that all link to irrelevant help pages. Then, for the operations you have to go to yet another panel.

One problem with hierarchical UIs like Weblogic is it's easy to go down the wrong path for quite some time. Although JBoss's JMX console provides in some respects Everything At Once, it's comprehensive and you can easily use CTRL+F (find) to jump to links you want to navigate through. Finding what you want every time is a matter of recalling what things are called, not what 2-3 links you need to click in order to find what you know is there, someplace.

And in other ways, Weblogic 9 actually has worse management than 8. There's this notion of transactional change sets, which is great for times you need to combine multiple management procedures, but often times you do things incrementally anyway. For instance, to start an application requires locking and beginning a change session. Then, you click through and select the application to deploy. Then, click some button to initiate deployment. Basically, 3-4 times more clicking than in Weblogic 8.

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