Summary of 12/3-12/16

Last week's weather was a mixed bag. I got out kayaking once, then it was warm, cold again.

Ero picture. I got a poster of the following manga cover framed and Hitomi does not want it appearing in the bedroom. I thought it was cute.

Bicycling on Saturday: Froze my feet and hands and face going on one of Gary's rides. It was close to 30 degrees. I do remember riding in the snow in Japan, but somehow it seemed colder than that. Several people fell on the ice.

Later that day, we hosted a party for some guest relations people. Hitomi and I were cleaning and running around buying stuff. It was pretty low key. We watched some old anime, including Urusei Yatsura, where Mendou's sister Ryoko hosts a Christmas party. Plot summary: "Ryoko invites the main cast to a X-mas party and holds a contest that involves everyone being paired off in a race to climb a 200 meter tall Christmas tree." At the end, since nobody manages to make it to the top, she launches it off into space like a rocket.

Hitomi's show in Bellingham: Cold and quiet show. Not a lot of people interested in children's wear, perhaps because there aren't too many "Indie" parents? Coordinator shut down the show one hour early.

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