San Rafael in December, the following weekend

I wasn't feeling too hot on Sunday and I decide to forgo bringing my bicycle for my trip to California.

The week was quite busy, though I did have some good meals with people from Calgary and a contractor from HPC in Taiwan. Other than Boon and people visiting from remote offices, I don't hang out with anybody after work. It can be lonely eating by myself every night, so I welcome people to share a meal with.

One challenge I have yet to overcome is get my test code into the main branch, past the "gatekeeper" of the component. Since last October, I have been waiting to integrate, but he's a little reluctant, to put it mildly. We agreed finally initiate the merger the following week. I convinced management I do need this work to be done to progress on completing testing.

Mostly, the week was pretty productive, though despite my cold or because of it, I didn't get to bed until 1 or 2 in the morning most nights. The flight back was three hours late and again I went to bed late.

Saturday, we went to Dim Sum at some place that's just to the east of the freeway. It's not quite Jade Garden level, but good quality still. Actually, this time we were in a separate room off to the side and never got to see the dessert cart. They never brought the cart by! I complained to the cashier. Still, we went to buy tea, and later had cake at Yummy House to make up for it. Then we stopped at REI to return some clothing and buy some warm-weather wear for next year.

I went to the "Myra" Christmas Party that night. It was pretty low key as well. There were lots of kids. Most of the people there were staff or former staff at Sakura-con, and everyone's getting older. The convention is 10 years old. Myra, who works in publicity, already has three (?) kids, one teenager who comes to the convention cosplaying. Upstairs was a room and the TV was set up for DDR, and there was a multi-generational interest. Twenty-somethings with "otaku" t-shirts who obviously played the game for years were joined by six and seven-year olds. Downstairs on the flatscreen TV people were watching clips of Hare Hare Yukai on YouTube and trying the dance.

The house was in Renton, near the Fairwood area that my Dad used to live in. The houses were probably all built sometime in the 80s. Myra had (probably) replaced the carpet with bamboo, except in certain areas. The upstairs den had vinyl sheet flooring and that wood paneling everyone used to be so fond of. But that's probably all good if you have a bunch of kids running around. Anime posters, DVDs, and comics were everywhere.

I went to bed around 2AM (again) and after breakfast, a few errands, and working on my side project, it was already dark. Why did the sun go so quickly? I was reminded that Rowan, who was decorating cookies that evening, goes to bed at 8PM, so I better leave to Alsia's. Rowan mostly just watched us decorate. I had her holding cookies while I spread on the colored icing.

Ariel's been upset at her job. Of course it's hard since she's teaching the "bad kids." Adam Carolla ranted about the LA unified school district, how they don't have guidance counselors anymore but instead have parole officers. (Link goes to "rant of the year", last week's program listen to him rant about the lottery, and how ironically money from the lottery goes to pay for the schools, but you still have crappy schools in LA.)

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