2500+ Miles in 2007

Someplace in Taiwan a week or so ago in 2007, my odometer turned over 2000 miles. For me it was significant, since it was first time I've ever ridden a bicycle so much in a year.

To get my 2500 miles, I have to add in mileage from my other (singlespeed) bicycle (bought in September) another 400 miles. And I rode at least 100 more miles on each bicycle before I had an odometer for either.

2500 miles is close to 170-200 hours on the bicycle. This seems like a lot, though not so significant considering how long the average American is in front of the television, at around 1000 hours a year. (And 250 hours is a lot less than how long I'm online every year.)

I managed an average of 50 miles a week.

I don't commute, so all those miles was for pleasure or short trips in the city, say to the video store or to visit friends.

I'm pretty happy for my first year of serious riding.

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