Cold Day to Ride; Built Wheel

I rode yesterday (Monday). It was sunny and I had the day off and it seemed appropriate to spend at least part of the day riding.

It was very cold and icy. I managed to avoid the icy patches, but there's something my body did not like about the cold. Perhaps I wasn't breathing right with all the tight layers on. I felt pretty exhausted after about 30 miles, even on the flats. It could have been lack of sleep or not enough food. I needed to eat a bigger breakfast. I had to push my bicycle uphill. I finally got home, gorged on pizza, and took a nap.

Later, I woke up to go finish my bicycle wheel. I apparently can't accurately true wheels yet. I approach asymptomatic trueness and seem to be stuck there. In truing, you work on the lateral side, then radially, then on the dishing, then on the tension. If your technique is good, one dimension of adjustment doesn't affect the other radically. My technique isn't so good.

I got the wheel to finally go, with a few choice spoke nipple turns from the expert. Rim tape went in, and I wiped off the outside of the wheel with some solvent to clean up oily residue and thread lock sauce and what-not. I have three more to build, wish me luck.

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