Composition of My Body

As told to me by a Tanita scale at Bike Expo:

  • Weight: 162.8 pounds
  • % Body Fat: 5.1 (a bit "Underfat")
  • % Total Body Water: 63.3% (Male: 50-65%)
  • Muscle Mass: 146.8 pounds
  • Physique Rating: 8 (out of 9, "Thin and Muscular Athlete")
  • Basal Metabolic Rate, number of calories the user's body needs at rest: 2012 cal
  • Metabolic Age: 12
  • Bone Mass: 7.6lb (average)
  • Visceral Fat Rating: 1 (from 1-59) ("healthy level")

So by weight, I'm 90% muscle, 5.1% fat, 4.7% bone, and .2% miscellaneous.

I'm not sure how accurate these figures are. I didn't think I was that athletic.

The scales are about $200 or so I hear, so maybe I should get one? Hitomi seems to hate that I burn so many calories just sitting around.

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1 Response to Composition of My Body

  1. strangelover says:

    .2% misc? This must be your brain and nervous system. They should equal about .2% of your body mass. You didn't think you were that athletic? I did. Having something that calculates body fat around the house would drive the average woman around the bend. Didn't you post that your life was stressful enough?

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