Missed by ~1 year

I took this route back in March 12th, 2007. I was visiting California on business and had some time on Sunday for a ride around Cupertino.

March 9th, 2008, two cyclists were killed on a similar route. An officer coming from the opposite direction, asleep at the wheel apparently, crossed a double yellow line and struck cyclists riding in the shoulder. In a car, your chances of surviving such an accident are much greater…

Given the amount of miles I cycle, what are my odds of getting killed on the road cycling? And should I "give up" and switch back to kayaking, hiking, running or something else potentially safer? The worst thing that could happen to me kayaking on Greenlake is likely hypothermia. Hiking is obviously risky as well: falling, getting lost, getting in an accident to the trail head. Runners get hit all the time.

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1 Response to Missed by ~1 year

  1. strangelover says:

    And you can be ambushed by a gargantuan colovesical fistula while sitting quietly at your desk. Been there, done that.

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