Post Sakura-con KM blog reading

(Sakura-con pre blog to follow)

KM = Ketchup Mania

Dai's blog

楽しかったかもよw なーんちゃって

Sakura con really was fun, yeah.
And if you would come to some hotel and that hotel room,
you might have had fun. Just kidding!

Hiro's blog, earlier

Interesting to read about how Hiro was worried about the sound check. The monitor speakers weren't working right but it ended up okay in the end. Although not mentioned by Hiro, I'd like to add that Ali Project had trouble with them going out during the performance. When this happens, as a performer, you're unable to able to hear the music and even your own instruments and voice.

There was monitor speaker trouble at Sakura-con many times before, at Anime Expo, and again this year.

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