Two weeks of diary

I tried composing the annual Sakura Con summary but I got tired of writing it. I'll eventually post what I have later…

But since then:

  • Today (Thursday) Rode my bicycle to Top Pot donuts, because last night I rode past another Top Pot donuts on Queen Anne and was inspired. Worked a lot. During Hitomi's doujinshi project, she discovered a mis-translation. I got defensive. I'm under-qualified for that work. Watched No Country For Old Men which was a great movie, but felt really horrible after the experience. Tried figuring out what the hell the FLDS is up to. Fascinating cluster-fuck, quite literally.
  • Wednesday: Lots of mysterious problems with IBM MQ not delivering messages. Colossal waste of time, probably IBM's fault or customer's. Decided I better get the hell out of the house as I'm practically a hermit. Ian was at his Dad's place (reminding me of when I visited my Dad in the suburbs) so no game night. Instead, I rode my bicycle to Gasworks and rode with 20+ Seattle Bicycle Club people. Since apparently I look strong or responsible or possibly good looking, a little Asian lady who coordinates the rides wanted me to lead a ride in May. I've never led a ride before, and I'm not even a club member. Still, I can't say no to anybody.
  • Tuesday: More spec reviews and tweaks to the component we're trying to test. QA likes to be nit-picky about everything so there's a ton of bugs for useless stuff, basically proving it's easier to spend time on cosmetic criticism. No Adam Carolla on Dancing With the Stars, which I've enjoyed with him on, now it's too serious. Hitomi has me working on song translations, which are tricky. I don't know how to translate ナイトでナイト. I find out one song I worked on was for a model race car or something which is why I was confused by a line about a "greasy hand" grasping victory, which I suppose might make sense when talking about a car.
  • Monday: Spec updates at work, I find out the deal my group had was null and void. So back to the same-old, same-old. Watched Adam's old his old home improvement show the Adam Carolla Project on Youtube. Song translations started. If it weren't Momoi Halko's songs I'd be in better shape. Maybe.
  • Sunday and Saturday: Went out to Eastern Washington near Dry Falls to enjoy some better weather, though Seattle had its fair share. I wore shorts and t-shirt all during the day. Did some hiking with Stacy and Kevin through Coulees. I like that word "Coulee" — not to be confused with Coolie. I felt like I was back in Utah again. I want to take Hitomi to the area sometime. Car-camped. I forgot my ground pad so I was sleeping on two empty back-packs. My sleeping back also is lacking fill near the knees, since I guess I've "kneed" the down to the sides, thus my legs were cold at night. I have pictures on my camera and I'm too lazy to upload. Hitomi would have come but was working on the Momoi doujinshi.

Earlier: Was sick most of 4/7-4/11, likely from somebody I invited over to my house on 4/5, or just from Sakura Con recovery. Actually took my first sick day in about 4 years Friday 4/11 and slept during the day.

Saturday 4/5 We had a pizza party thing. The original plan was to go see cherry blossoms. Luckily quite a few trees are visible outside my house. You know it's a good party when you're chasing people out of your house after 8 hours. I went out to dinner with James and his mother. I felt pretty inspired to sing anime songs (karaoke) but not in front of Japanese people having their own party.

Sunday 4/6 I rode to the Swedish Cultural Center and enjoyed pancakes alone. Hitomi and I later went to see Tim/Mom and no Tulips in Skagit Valley like I had hoped but instead walked around La Conner and it seemed depressing somehow talking about all the woes of retail business. Dinner with family is always good.

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