John Keister

I came across Bike Works! which is a non-profit helping Seattle kids earn free bicycles through bicycle repair programs (among other things). There was a link from their web site to a video that the local public broadcasting station KCTS put together describing their programs. Their link was broken and so I surfed on over to the actual KCTS web site and took a look at their streaming video selection, specifically for KCTS Connects.

For the curious, here's the video of Bike Works which I have downloaded and uploaded again. (To download I was forced to upgrade Real Player. Which even post update at version 11 is still a piece of shit: The audio often cuts out and video playback causes my screen to blank out a couple of times.)

… upload failed, all I have is a link.

Paging down through about 800+ clips to find clip 435, I noticed a familiar name in the list: John Keister. He used to host Almost Live! before it was canceled in 1999. Almost Live! was a local Seattle comedy show preceding Saturday Night Live, which I ended up watching, actually I most often taped the program, using the VCR for at my Dad's place, and watched it the following day. Anyway, John Keister's still out there on T.V., on PBS. From the numerous clips I've watched he offers personal commentary on local and national political issues in sometimes a humorous vein. And though obviously still his bald self he looks a bit pudgy and haggard; he's obviously older than last time I saw him.

In some ways I hate the way media's gone totally international. Where's the local television personalities I used to see? I'm to blame, watching more anime, movies, and even YouTube than network television.

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