JavaOne 2008 – Day 1

I don't get to many developer conferences. And actually this is my second.

I'm not exactly sure why I decided to go back. I guess it's not because I can't find the same information someplace else, it's just easier to digest when somebody's actually demonstrating or talking about a particular technology. I also am able to use my undivided attention when work isn't distracting me. (Though this year, I brought an EVDO modem so I could get online during the sessions.)

JavaOne tries to be cool, but 80-90% of the attendees are obviously nerds. There's lots of nerds from other countries and they all look like nerds too. Of those 10-20% females, there's lots of Asian women, who probably get asked out a lot at software companies.

A couple of coworkers were "joining" me today. Last year I went to the same sessions as a coworker and I felt it was a little redundant. Why not go to different sessions and report back later?

Anyway, I was there from 10AM to about 10:30PM so I'm tired.

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