Ugly Bicycle Clothing

There's something about cycling and cycle commuters in general that brings out the best (worst?) in poor taste.

I understand the artist is trying to make cyclists look ordinary and all but I don't think anybody under 40 years old would be caught dead wearing that shirt. I'm no artist and three gangly, unattractive dorks on a shirt is NOT something I would be proud to be associated with. If I saw those nerds on the road in real life, and I was driving, I'd probably be tempted to run them over, back up, and run them over again. My wife (who is an artist) asked her coworkers why bicycle clothing, especially jerseys and shirts for club rides are so ugly, apparently the world of cyclists and artists don't intersect.

And there's a reason why I've been on dozens of organized rides and haven't bought a jersey or t-shirt. Because they all suck.

People: Get one of those corporations (e.g. Adobe or Starbucks) with a team of talented artists to design a shirt. You may have to pay a few thousand to come up with a good design. But guess what? You'll sell more jerseys and make that money back. Let's make cycling look cool again.

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1 Response to Ugly Bicycle Clothing

  1. buzban says:

    and another question… why must the little dorks ride with a fist in the air?

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