Run Your Car on Water

My dad sent me this link on a Water Fueled Car by a Japanese company. See also this video.

Coincidentally, I see this "news" already been ridiculed by nerds who know better on Slashdot. (Feel free to add your own Haiku to the discussion.)

My father, mother, and sisters all seem to have a gullibility gene. Somehow I was born without it. I've seen all of these people exploited. My older sister was giving thousands of dollars away to a fellow Mother Mary cult member. Apparently you can buy friends. And this was after getting involved in an expensive pyramid scheme leaving her in debt. My mother goes off to the witch doctor, spending thousands on scientifically questionable health treatments. Though she has gotten better, it's hard to say what percentage of those treatments had any non-placebo effect. My younger sister was sexually exploited with the same cult my older sister was in. And my father sends me books describing questionable financial schemes (like one from Robert G. Allen) and engines that violate the laws of physics and books on water crystals, which have pretty pictures, but have questionable credibility.

Growing up I got it hammered into my head by Tim to Acknowledge Reality. Perhaps life is a little bit more plain for me but whatever.

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1 Response to Run Your Car on Water

  1. strangelover says:

    I'm from Missouri, where folks are famous for skepticism. They say that if you point out a brown cow and ask a fellow from Missouri if it is a brown cow, the usual answer is, "Well, it's brown on this side." -Tim

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