New Northwest Anime Convention: Aki Con

Aki Con summary: Yes, a new fledgling anime convention, conveniently six months or so away from Sakura-con. I can visualize it now: Hitomi and I in some conference room, on metal hotel chairs laced together, catching up on fansub anime. Since the convention is in November, I won't feel so bad about staying indoors all day.

I anticipate the the usual convention screw-ups: Late seating, underestimation of panel and event space, registration problems, video and audio trouble, and last-minute cancelations and schedule changes. I would consider all of these issues canonical for any anime convention, but doubly so for a first year convention. Likely, the convention is being run from veteran staffers from Sakura-con, so I would expect fewer problems.

Thinking about a convention in Everett, brings back memories of driving to Sakura-con when it too was in Everett. This was back when we weren't staff. We have those pictures someplace in our photo album: Was it 2001? Naturally, we met a lot of staff, since staff not attendees were are age, and these relationships helped get us staff positions later on.

For this convention, I'm considering running some panels or a panel, maybe one on ero-manga with possibly a literary criticism approach to the medium. Or a panel on living in Japan, though for me it was a relatively long time ago, still I have a couple of interesting anecdotes to share, and being married to a fellow otaku is interesting. There's also tons of old shows that me and an audience could make fun of. Still, I keep fairly up-to-date on my ero, much more than anime or manga in general these days. Hideki (fellow Sakura-con staffer) could also run an adjunct panel on bishojo games (adult dating simulations.)

I'm guessing Hitomi and I are sure to go, if only because what else is there to do in November?

New thought: I hope Hitomi keeps available whatever goth-loli outfit she wears for Halloween ready for the following weekend for this convention.

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