Canadian Rockies

Pictures are here.

Unfortunately, since Hitomi uploaded them all to her account I can't embed them all…

I copied one here so you can see a representative image. Please enjoy the slide show.

Quick recap: Initially, Ian wanted to have a trip to the Canadian Rockies with Kevin, Stacy, and myself since last summer. So this was our big trip of 2008. We've had trips in the past together with us three (including Mike Bloch when he still was in Seattle, it was four) since our high school days and through college.

Kevin planned the trip. Later, Ian dropped out due to illness. Hitomi was invited but instead went kayaking instead. So it was us three in the end.

There were basically three parts to the trip.

First we spent two nights in a cabin called Icefall Lodge, following a layover night at Robson Pass. We had car trouble – a punctured oil pan – and got the car transported by the lodge owner on his flatbed trailer. We were 100km from where AAA (or CAA) would provide us a tow, so we were fortunate to be taken down the logging road. We spent one night at the side of the road near the Trans Canadian Highway waiting for a tow to Golden, B.C. We were fortunate as well to find a shop which managed to do the repair that day and also could coordinate with a neighboring aluminum welding shop, actually a fabrication company, to patch the hole in the oil pan.

The second part of the trip was at Lake O'Hara, in Yoho National Park, where we had two nights. Lots of very nicely manicured trails and a central campground with many more amenities than seen in the 'States. One day I did two hikes, the second day we had a very long hike before getting bussed out. We met plenty of people, many from Seattle. The park is definitely world class.

The third part was a short hike around Robson Pass in Glacier National Park (Canadian one) up a very very steep trail to the Hermit Range. The trail was in very good shape. We hiked down around 11PM on 45% grade. My knees started to hurt coming down. Luckily with all the bicycling I've been doing, they hadn't hurt until this point.

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3 Responses to Canadian Rockies

  1. Tim Dunn says:

    Brr. We are looking down at snow. In July. In the northern hemisphere. Pretty in a rather severe sort of way-

  2. genman says:

    It was probably around 40-50 degrees at that time. Remember that the snow you see is leftovers from winter. Come a few more weeks and it'll be all gone.

  3. Tim Dunn says:

    Just enough to keep hard-working hikers from overheating, eh? I'm beginning to think oil pans should be armor plated. I heard Kevin had some, but apparently it didn't work.

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