Scrapping; Rides; Olympics

Rei (our cat) went out overnight and got into a fight with the neighbor's cat (cats?), returning home eventually with a torn ear and many scrapes and scabs.

He mostly stays out of trouble during the day. It's at night when he becomes fairly aggressive.

I took him to the vet and had that ear glued together. Plus, he's now up to date on his vaccines. The assistant called it "scrapping" – something I haven't heard before.

As for rides: Saturday I was with Hitomi and we rode downtown and took the water taxi over to West Seattle and back. You can see pictures of me on her blog. Sunday I was intending to climb Mt. Baker with a group of cyclists but we were basically rained out and did a different ride (pictures). Monday, I did no ride but I used my Wii Fit. Tuesday I co-led a Tuesday Night Surprise ride. Wednesday I went with the Seattle Bicycle Club back to Alki, though this time over Spokane Street Bridge. Tonight I'm packing for my ride to Vancouver.

I have been catching the Olympic Games on NBC and CBC as well. I'm not really rooting for the U.S. or Japan or any other team. I just like to see people doing things extremely well. Hitomi wants to see "beautiful" gymnastics, although basically what they do is really technical not artistic gymnastics like the official name of the sport. Maybe watching swimming will inspire Hitomi to swim more in Hawaii?

Oh, also my Dad stopped by last week as well and I saw him on Wednesday, as well as Stephanie and her family on Friday. I would have liked to have gone kayak camping overnight like last year but I he's not too enthusiastic about kayaking it seems.

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