RSVP 2008 Complete

I rode to Vancouver Canada from Seattle Washington on the RSVP bicycle ride.

Kevin did a pretty good job and we managed a steady to moderate pace the whole way. He really got up the hills surprisingly quickly on the single speed bicycle I built, so much so, he pretty much passed everyone who then in turn passed him downhill.

I got quite sore in the arms from such a slow pace; my road bike bars are a bit lower than the seat so my hands get numb unless I'm moving quickly. Add in a bunch of chip sealed roads and (still on Monday) my left arm and hand is numb. Otherwise, it wasn't too hard, really not that much harder than STP.

We did have record temperatures Friday and Saturday. I could have done without the heat. At one point we both ran out of water. I imagine anybody without two water bottles would have been in serious trouble. I probably drank three or four gallons on Friday.

Like the STP, I was witness to several accidents. I honestly don't recall seeing any accidents on rides with Cascade or Seattle Bicycle Club during the week, and never on Gary Strauss's long rides on the weekend. I suspect accidents are mostly rider-rider or rider alone accidents. Are the riders not experienced? Since they are likely caused by bad passing or people not paying attention, are riders not familiar with riding in stay-together groups?

I would like Hitomi to do this ride next year, but we'll see. We're discussing riding in Maui. The rides are shorter but hilly and I worry a bit about tourist drivers.

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