Uwajimaya ♥ Plastic Bags

Sunday night I was returning back from Tacoma and dropped by the International District for dinner at Kau Kau.

I'm not entirely sure why—perhaps it's the bean sprouts—but Kau Kau's pork fried rice is perfect. I hate places that serve fried rice with frozen peas and carrots. Frozen vegetables seem pretty phony in Chinese dishes. I recommend you order the fried rice with roast duck or chicken and a vegetable dish like gai lan. Their veggies come with tons of garlic so beware.

Post meal I stopped by Uwajimaya and picked up two items: fish and tofu dessert. Just two. And yet, as per usual, the checkout woman put each item in separate plastic bags. Everytime I go there, Hitomi and I notice you almost nearly receive one bag per two or three items.

I suspect the much hotly debated "bag tax" coming to Seattle will have an big impact at Uwajimaya where customers will demand less bags be used. We do reuse almost every plastic bag at home for garbage bags or wrapping food, so we will have to start buying kitchen bags, but then maybe I'll start a compost bin in the back for food waste, which is a good part of our kitchen waste.

I appreciate what local governments are trying to do and I hope a similar tax is passed statewide. Probably it'll never catch on everywhere, but we stopped indoor smoking at restaurants, and don't most agree it was a good thing?

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3 Responses to Uwajimaya ♥ Plastic Bags

  1. Lillian says:

    I thought Seattle required yard waste and food scraps bins? I can imagine how the checker wanted the fish to be separate, though I thought that's what the smaller plastic bags were for. We take cloth bags for all our shopping now, but reuse plastic veggie bags for disposing cat litter waste (which is a major part of our trash). Thanks for the Kau Kau recommendation.

  2. genman says:

    Seattle wants you to put food waste into your yard waste bin, but since we don't have much yard waste we don't pay to have that bin, thus the food waste is put into the landfill trash. I'm considering composting as an alternative way of disposing that stuff.Yes, typically supermarkets wrap fish in a smaller bag but I guess I got a large bag since the fish was large. Still, the fish was already wrapped in plastic, then wrapped in paper, so I'm thinking yet another wrapping was probably redundant.I've found that Chinese BBQ has a mysterious quality where taking it home and reheating it isn't the same. So although the decor leaves a bit to be desired, the best way to enjoy the food is in person.

  3. Tim Dunn says:

    Another approach to the plastic issue is to use oxo-biodegradable plastic disposable items. I am working with a start-up, BioGreen Products Co., to get these out into the market place. Compost services won't take them because they take just slightly too long to biodegrade than food based bags, but they take only 10-20% more time to biodegrade than plastic made out of grain or potatos, and you aren't depriving the world of its dwindling food stocks when you use them. We are going to be selling biodegradable bags, garbage bags, disposable utensils, straws, you name it-All the stuff used in fast-food restaurants, and in your own trash and garbage cans. It can be recycled, too!

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