PRC Apologists Online – Where do the come from?

Criticize PRC (China's) humans-rights record online and prepared for a Chinese apologist to say something like this:

[so-and-so] is just a sour grape who is jealousy and tries to discredit the triumphs of the Olympics which happens to be hosted by a country she does not like and has problems of seeing what is actually happening. If she has been to China in the last few years or during the Olympics instead of writing uninformed opinions at home, she would find the majority of the Chinese (99.9%) are happy with their government and happy with their improvements in their lives.

It's amazing the amount of PRC Chinese (yes, they are all Chinese) who are out there on the Internet defending their country when it's criticized. Is it something born into the Chinese, where if their self-serving authoritarian government gets "picked on" they take it personally?

I also wonder if these people are paid by the government. They all seem really unconvincing and self-delusional so I don't know why they bother. It's like those counter-protesters recruited (forced by the PRC government) to show up at Free Tibet rallies.

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1 Response to PRC Apologists Online – Where do the come from?

  1. Tim Dunn says:

    If you google the "fifty cent party," you will find many stories claiming that many of these posters and bloggers are in the pay of the PRC. I wouldn't doubt that some of them are, because they lack the rather incoherent fire of the true chauvinist–they drone on like official Communist guides praising tractor factories that are supposedly exceeding their quotas. I have experience this, by the way, that is official communist guides droning on about tractor factories, in Russia in the early 1980s-in Odessa and Yalta-which were still covered with ruins from WWII, and whose stores were bare of goods. It was like every cliche you have ever heard about communist countries, down to the jack-booted goose-stepping honor guards at the war memorial.

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