Return to San Rafael

It's been nearly six months since I've been in San Rafael. Admittedly, I haven't had a reason and might not have much of a reason for my visit.

Still, I had brought my bicycle. Tonight I went on a ride, a short 15 mile loop from the hotel around China Camp. It was a great ride; I caught a bit of sunset and made it back around dusk. A quick pit-stop at a Performance Bicycle provided me with 40 psi air in each tire. I was only at about 80 psi that ride. My frame pump is pretty much useless for traveling and I ought to get a better pump.

There's a couple of restaurants I visit almost every trip. A fairly nice Italian place by Highway 101 is one. I discovered they have a Monday Night special three-course menu. And I like a Cuban place near downtown, though I end up regretting the amount of garlic I have. Double Rainbow is good ice cream place plus cafe which attracts lots of high school kids at night for some reason. (I saw "Double Rainbow" in a shopping mall (SOHO) in Taiwan, by the way.)

Work-wise, I might be switching groups. Although I'm a "server guy", the server work's been fairly slow so I might learn a bit of J2ME and code for devices. One guy's also noticed the work slow down and has decided to transfer out of our group.

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