Microsoft Sucks

I want to generate a HISTOGRAM.

Unfortunately, this isn't built into Excel 2003 as-installed. Looking up the help, first help item sends you to a web page that tries to sell you a third-party plug in. Lovely. Anyway, the function is available but not installed by default. Great: it requires you to run the installer. (By the way, why can't clicking on something in Help do the install for you. They tell you what steps to do. Couldn't they just wire the help application with the actual application?)

Then, following the steps, Office Excel 2003 barfs, and the long-winded installer failed.

Take two: I also have Office 2007. Same deal. It's not built in. I look at the help and it tells me to click on a "ball", then I look for the "Excel Options" option, which is hidden on the bottom of the menu. I follow the same procedure. Then I end up waiting about 10 minutes for it to do its thing, which I guess is installing God Knows What.

Then it asks for a required fucking SYSTEM REBOOT to install a plug-in. Welcome to the 21st century, Microsoft.

One day later OUTLOOK stops working. I spent about 2 days (2-3 hours each day) with Autodesk IT getting Outlook reinstalled. Somehow the totally unnecessary (for Outlook) .NET 1.1 library was corrupt and couldn't be uninstalled, preventing the repair of Office 2007. I had to re-download Office 2007. Then IT ran a special .NET uninstaller from some Microsoft blog. Then I could do the reinstall. By the way, we tried reinstalling 3 times and I had to reboot 3 times as well.

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