FBI in Iowa going after (Loli) Manga Collector

Bad times: Iowa collector faces up to 20 years in prison for possession of ero manga, or more specifically ero manga depicting minors. Seems unlikely any charges would stick, but looks like a big legal hassle for him.

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2 Responses to FBI in Iowa going after (Loli) Manga Collector

  1. Dancho says:

    Boy, this one is so screwed up.This guy was just keeping his own collection for his own pleasure at his residence, and what's so big deal about that? It's not like he was posting it on his front door for everyone to seeIt's like…gah, just leave him alone!

  2. Iruka says:

    God.. that sure suck! I mean, in malaysia – the authorities took out all the BL mangas ever printed and distributed in the country.FOR REAL!!and I am glad that they thought that all has end.. they didn't realize that there are more from where that came from..= = = =Did you know that they too went on rampage over "too sexy figurines".God. What a bother.

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